Tunnel Espresso


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Light bodied with bright fruit notes. This seasonal coffee comes from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia and carries with it the potential to heighten a regular morning coffee into the realm of dessert. Bursting with large notes of citrus and a caramel finish.

This coffee is a juicy orange and grapefruit bomb, with bright red berry notes, and a caramel-like sweetness in the finish.

It is a coffee that can do it all as a washed Ethiopia offering: when pulled as an espresso, it’s one of our favourite espressos because it gives a really high citrus punch (like a glass of OJ).

When brewed as a filter coffee, it expresses its complexity to the fullest. Yirgacheffe is home to the most sought-after and complex cup profiles Ethiopia has to offer. Typical coffee from this zone has a bright citric acidity, combined with floral and spicy elements, and an array of fruit flavors. It is a layered and complex cup.

Orange and grapefruit with a caramel-like sweetness in the finish.